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P-No : Pokemon Team : Beth by VoxRobotics P-No : Pokemon Team : Beth by VoxRobotics
(Mega) Garchomp |  | Serious | Sandviel (Sand Force)
[ Dragon ] Dual Chop • [ Ground ] Sandstorm • [ Normal ] Substitute (TM) • [ Dragon ] Outrage (Tutor)
• Beth received Belial during her sophomore year of college. She had a year long project where she received a Pokemon of her choosing to study Mega Evolution. Some students gave the pokemon back after the year was up, but Beth chose to purchase hers once the year was through.
• The point of the project was supposed to be documenting why a strong friendship with a Pokemon could cause it to Mega Evolve, but Beth chose instead to research if any sort of bond would work. She raised Belial with a heavy emphasis of dependence, making sure Belial know that he needed Beth and was useless without her. She left the gritty details out of her report, instead choosing to focus on her approach of "9 sticks and a carrot."
• The project is long passed now and Beth has had Belial for many years. Nothing has changed. Let Him Sleep 2017
• Belial is extremely clingy to Beth, choosing to stand near on top of her anytime he's out of his Pokeball.
• Do NOT put your hands near his neck. Just don't do it. In fact, don't reach at him. He flinches a lot.
• Belial has a little stuffed Zubat toy, and will have an absolute meltdown if anything happens to it.

Salazzle* |  | Impish | Corrosion
[ Poison ] Poison Gas • [ Fire ] Flame Burst • [ Normal ] Disable • [ Poison ] Venoshock
• Xibalba is fairly new to the squad. A classmate had an unruly Salazzle that was a huge burden to the rest of their Pokemon. Beth took her off their hands.
• Xibalba hasn't really calmed down since then. She's extremely touchy feely and thrives in making others uncomfortable. Beth thinks there's potential with Xibalba though, which is why she hasn't made much of an effort to curb her personality. Though whenever Xibalba tries anything to Beth, Beth is quick to make it known it's unacceptable.
• Her original trainer bred her for her poison abilities. The toxins in her body are much more dangerous than a wild Salazzle's would be.
• She's incredibly vain, and enjoys having her scales cleaned with a warm, dry cloth.
• Warm things in general are 10/10 with Xibalba.
• She has a love of jams, her favorite being Pecha jam. She likes eating jam with her pokemon food.

Slowking |  | Quiet | Own Tempo
[ Psychic ] Psychic • [ Normal ] Disable • [ Ice ] Blizzard (TM) • [ Dark ] Nasty Plot
• Polaris was Beth's first Pokemon. She and her brother both received Pokemon eggs when they turned 10. Hers hatched into a Slowpoke.
• Polaris' movements are very slow. But if she gets you in a Psychic grip then all bets are off.
• Polaris is indifferent to every thing Beth does. At this point, she just doesn't care anymore. She also doesn't care enough to try and disobey. She's just living life day to day.
• It's very rare to find Polaris inside of her Pokeball. Even when Beth is in class, Polaris is usually just at home watching TV or reading. Polaris also prefers sleeping on the couch more than her Pokeball
• Despite her indifference to most things, Polaris is fiercely loyal to Beth. If it looks like it may harm Beth, Polaris will eliminate it with extreme prejudice.
• Polaris doesn't move if she can help it, preferring to just grab things with her Psychic.
• She's extremely prejudiced against unevolved Pokemon. (Pokemon that can't evolve don't count)
• She has a fascination with dead things, and has a small collection of feral bones hiding in Beths apartment. (Small bones such as rattata or pidove bones)

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